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New videos
It’s been a while, but I have several new videos uploaded onto my YouTube channel. As I’m beginning to ramp up my exploration of education and YouTube, my aim is to continue...
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Inspired Educator podcast Episode 11
Continuing with our SSHRC research about preservice teachers and podcasts, we present a conversation between Professor Nina Pak Lui and three preservice teachers, Michelle Bedry, Tasha...
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Inspired Educator podcast and Continued conversation with preservice teachers
As part of our continued #SSHRC research about preservice teachers and podcasts, Nina Pak Lui and I are speaking to our students about their experiences in teacher education. In the...
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Paulo Freire's Critical theory of Education
A short video about Paulo Freire
This academic year, I’m starting (again) to upload short videos about different educational theories. Clearly, these are introductory videos meant to prompt active thinking and...
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Two research projects: 1) teachers/podcasts, 2) Teacher identity and spirituality
This academic year, I have two ongoing research projects. First, I am working on a SSHRC Explore Grant which funds my research about Preservice teachers and podcasts: Translating...
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Academics as educational influencers
Part of my work is to discern the “influence” of educational media and technologies. As such, I was glad when I cam across an article by Jeffrey Carpenter et al. discussing...
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