Two research projects: 1) teachers/podcasts, 2) Teacher identity and spirituality

This academic year, I have two ongoing research projects.

First, I am working on a SSHRC Explore Grant which funds my research about Preservice teachers and podcasts: Translating agency into communities of inquiry. This project is being researched alongside my colleague, Nina Pak Lui. We are trying to explore how best to amplify the voices of preservice teachers. We are hopeful that the medium of podcasts can be used to mobilize their knowledge and connect them to the wider educational network.

My second research project is helping my TWU School of Education in understanding how our preservice teachers develop professionally and spirituality. We are doing a self-study of our program, faculty, and students, in order to discern how these themes of teacher education are perceived. More specifically, I am researching the intersection of professional learning, identity formation, and spirituality within the scope of teacher education.

More to come.

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